July 3, 2013

Marine Drive

We both walked the promenade, and are now sitting on the pavement, facing the beautiful sea.
I am trying, to get you talk to me; but, it's all in vain. I am telling you my stupid stories.
You chuckle a bit. But, again get back in the same mood. I am reading out our old chats to you, reminding you of a beautiful moment we shared. It doesn't affect you.

I go silent wondering my mistake might have been a huge one and that is why such reactions from you. I try to recall things from the last night's chat. I think that it was a petty thing. You really should have forgiven me. But, I look at you, and you look away. I know I'm not forgiven. 
I don't know what to do. It seems impossible to coax you into talking it out. I feel helpless.
I look at the sea and the city that has connected us.

I miss you talk. I miss you listen to my stories. I miss you react and want to listen more. And, I miss you talk about your office stories. Though, there really are none. All you keep telling me is that it was a boring day. I miss the non stop texting I had with you. I miss us both asking random and, sometimes, stupid questions; but answering all of them.

I miss...well, You. 
In a matter of just one day! Funny, this attachment!

I look at you again.. And somehow feel, I should leave you on your own.. 

Perhaps, you don't need this cajoling. Maybe, you don't want to talk, not today.
I feel like a drop in the ocean holding back to add in more.
I feel like a drop in your ocean holding back to push it more.

I give you a hug and leave without making an eye contact.
Even a midst all the noise around us — of the vendors, of the traffic, of the people — we both have nurtured personal commotions in our heads.

I do turn around only to see you looking at the sea.
Alas! I am losing it to your ego, one day at a time.

PS: You can read the guy's side of the story here


  1. A li'l note of Sorry and Thank You-
    Sorry for disappearing for a long time!
    And thank you Tanya, Ronak, Sushmit, SM, and other fellow bloggers for holding on! :D

  2. Is it some kind of a life event?
    How do you manage connecting a person totally to the situation without even knowing who or what is it about? It is deep. Relative. Comparative too.

    Welcome back!

    1. :D Thank you!
      I guess, I just keep observing a lot. Being around a lot of people teaches you beautiful things and lets you know about vivid perceptions. :)
      And then of course, I just need one moment out of many to convert it into a written piece. :D
      Thank you so much sweetheart! This one was possible because of you too. :)

  3. I totally connected to the feeling..piyu! I guess..Sometimes...its better to stop pushing so hard...and just holding on to the faith that if its meant to'll work! :) and your writing usual...expressive and touching! :) :-*

    1. True. I also think, sometimes we push it too hard and then eventually, feelings drift away.. So yeah, faith and hope are the life savers.. :)
      Thank you so much Aditi! So glad you liked it! :) :*

  4. Superb.. Runnin short of words for the frst tym.. U deserve greatest heights in the field of writin..

    Great job priyanka.. :-)

    1. Hey Pragya! It is SO good to have you here and have you appreciate this! :D
      Means a lot!
      Thank you for the wishes! :)
      Love. Hugs.

  5. This is my first visit to your blog and I liked it :)
    Nicely penned :)

    If you ever have time, then this is my Blog's address:

    1. Errr.. This is your second visit! :P
      And you're more than welcome! Thanks for your comment on 'Holding on' too! :)
      Thank you! will see your blog soon..

  6. Priyanka, my honeyjaan, I'm so glad you finally wrote. It's always so nice to read you because everything you write is so simple and yet as profound.
    To be able to give words to the voices ringing inside your head as you go about living each day of your life, nurturing and trying to hold on to people and your relationships with them, is an art. An art that you've been generously gifted with.

    Keep writing. More strength to you pen.
    Loads of love.

  7. Priyanka, my honeyjaan, I'm so glad that you finally wrote. It's always a pleasure reading you because your words are so simple, yet very profound.
    To be able to give words to the inner voices that are ringing inside our heads as we live each moment of our life, trying to nurture and hold on to people and our relationships with them, is indeed an art. An art that you've been generously gifted with.

    Keep writing. More strength to your pen.
    Loads of love.

    1. Tanya!! Tu nahi hoti toh mera kya hota! :D
      Thank you so much! Tu bohot sweet hai yaar. Hugs!
      Love you so much! :*

  8. Oh good. You've written again. About time. -_-

    1. Yes. And about the time, apologized in the first comment.
      Will be regular now.. Hope you enjoy reading! :)

    2. Haha I was joking :) Do keep writing the fabulous stuff, though :)

  9. Priyanka.... Stunning.. As always!!!

  10. I have read and re-read this and enjoyed it to the core. The honesty in your writing is inspiring.
    I'll be a regular visitor on your page now. :)

    1. Hi Harman! It's so overwhelming to have you here and have you like my writing. Thank you for all the sweet words of appreciation!
      I saw your follow, will look forward to your feedback and comments now. :D