July 20, 2011

A page from my Diary

July 20, 2009.
Monday, 23:48 hours.

*Exactly two years back.*

Got up at 06:07 hours. As always, a GM msg from Siddharth was waiting for me. The thing I like bout his GM msgs is that he neva forwards any msg. He simply types-
“ Good morning dear! Have a great day ahead.. Keep smiling.. Take care.. Will miss ya.. :)
Ab uth jaa naa yaar.. aur kitna soyegi?? ”
He he!! Love you Sid.
Brushed my teeth and went for a bath playing the song “Jaaney tu Meri Kya hai” from Jaaney Tu Ya Jaaney Na. The Jai’s song sung by Sukhwinder. Awesome song man! I just love it.
Got ready. Wore the big wale gold earrings. In bus, while I was cutting my nails, Saransh was narrating his Sunday tale of World War III at his place! Then the school tales :D
Then after a while Ankit got in. Today he was looking an ‘insaan’.
(*Acc. To his dictionary, looking like an insaan means looking good!) :P
So he was looking insaan today as he had shaved and got his hair short! :P :P
Rishabh had again missed his bus so he came with us.Then his birthday (18th, Saturday) party stories started. Reached school discussing the same. Walked upstairs with the 3 of them.

After a long time chatted with all others before the assembly started. Meanwhile, said a Hi to Priya, Prachi, Nikita and others.Ashu too joined us.
Enter Ishpreet aka Ishu, Manan aka Mannu, Yash aka Shanu!!
(Both Manan and Yash don’t like being called so by anybody else except the name creator. Who else, none other than our Ishu!! ;) :D)

Normal classes started. B.S. lecture was an interesting one as Sir indirectly said a lot of things to teach us a lesson!  In the short break, headed towards staffroom. Harshal Sir gave some work. Talked to Joshi sir, asked him if he was going to show us our a/c answer sheets, the response of the class and the highest marks. No; not good, nor bad; 48.5 came the answers.
Add on to these answers was “Both the Head Girl and Head Boy have not scored well. Indeed very less.” (He pointed at Me and Vishal.)
(I’m elected as the Head Girl for ’09-’10. Got 314/529 votes!! :D)
And so Smita Ma’am and Harshal sir kinda warned me. I explained Harshal Sir that I myself, had not worked hard for this exam. And will take care ahead.
Moved out of the staffroom feeling very disheartened with myself. Ankit saw me and caught it immediately, asked “Kya hua? Chehra kyun utra hua hai?” Told him about the a/c exam and pat came the reply-“Eh! Quarterly exam hi toh hai! Fail hi toh ho rahi hai, koi baat nahi, chalta rehta hai!”
Damn! Exactly this used to be my reply to any hell scholar who had the same worry, till last year when I was in Raphael’s. Now I understand their grief!! :o

In the 8th period, moved down for the Oath Ceremony practice.
Came back home late. Didn’t go to tuition.

Yashvi called up, she wanted Ankita’s no. I wish she had called up because she was missing me. ‘Cuz I was. Badly. Told her bout Shrankhla’s departure tonight as she’s got admitted to IIT Gandhinagar, she was awestruck. She didn’t know and she’s calling her up now. Connected two old friends back again. Great! ;)
Suprabha called up, “Tuition nahi aa rahi hai kya? Sacchi bata bunk toh nahi maar rahi na??” :P lol

Had my dinner, watched TV for a while then sat to study English.
Just then, Ashu msged, “tu bohot matlabi ho gayi hai yaar. Maine tujhe jaate waqt bye kiya toh tune dekha bhi nahi! What u doin?”
Eh! Pagal hai ye bhi! I was practicing so maybe didn’t notice. Kuch bhi.
Called Shrankhla then.
Messaged Disha to come, then chatted with her a while. JB aka Janak Bhaiya is coming down tomorrow. :)
 Now till this quarter passed, I’m with you. Had a talk with Vishal Bhaiya too, half an hour ago. :D :D  Now good night yaar. Too much for today.

Missing some ppl. xoxo

02:14 hours.

July 15, 2011

An Unfamiliar Knock

It was January and I was still just following a profile. It was long, 2 months or so. I was actually following his work.
I wished of dropping a message in appreciation but always resisted the idea. I don’t know why exactly. One reason, I thought, was ego! And another, more appropriate to say the least, I was afraid and hesitant of taking a new step or knocking at a new door.

One fine day, the profile suddenly disappeared.
I searched and searched but it was nowhere to be seen.
My regular schedule just got me too busy to bother about it
until; I saw it in my dream. Twice.
I googled and somehow got in touch. We started exchanging e-mails.
My Gmail inbox suddenly looked so interesting. I also remember times when I opened Gmail before Facebook!
It was fun. Umm... Okay, to be honest it was not fun.
I mean one fine day you sit online, discover an id start exchanging emails, it is strange.  But ‘twas one good strange thing.
Mind you, this generally doesn’t happen in India
But then started the hello hi and then the friendly conversations. It got fun then.
Initially, I was hesitant and afraid. I had loads and loads of questions- How would he be like? Is he truthful? How do I know he’s not lying? What do I say now? What could he mean? Why is he so interested? And blah blah!

But I clung to the idea and to the person.

In no time, we picked up a great friendship. Also, interesting talks; similar thoughts and theories; interests too. :D 
The rest are just details. ;)

All I’ll leave you with is OUR favourite theory-
Destiny is a bitch. an angel.
You all would be nodding in agreement with it being a bitch.
But we discovered that if Destiny can be a bitch, it can be an angel too.
Later on, we discovered that the bitch part is so not true. Destiny IS an angel. It has always been so. It’s just we who have overlooked that it plays hard and takes us through a lot of tests, to get us the best. If it takes something away from us, it’s just because it wants us to pick up something better.
Yes, the old mugged up proverb; “Everything happens for a reason” is true. In fact, everything happens for a good reason.
Our friendship was too, purely a matter of our destinies being too kind to us.
And so friends, the next time you wanna knock at a new door or wanna stretch your hand towards an unfamiliar face or do anything for the first time, pray truly to your destiny and dare to take a step in that direction, and then see it falling in your basket on its own.
Trust me, it happens. :)

 Oh and BTW, “Some surprises in life are worth the wait!” :D