April 27, 2014

Only You

I wish you could see me right now. 
Because, only you would have noticed the details on my face. 
Only you.

If you would have, you would have noticed my lips before anything else.
And I would have seen the most honest smile of yours, as if you're proud of them. 
Or a naughty smile, about the thoughts of eating them already.
Either this, or you would have asked "You used a lip color, didn't you?"
And grinned about it.

You would have noticed my smile and would have said, "It's nothing in comparison to the smile you gave me in the room. That was the widest."

You would have noticed my teeth and smiled.

You would have noticed my hair. And like always, removed the band and loosened my curls.
You would have ruffled them, pushed a few strands of my hair on my face and then slowly tucked them behind my ear getting all romantic.

You would have noticed my dangling earrings and admired them. You would have even bent down a bit to kiss me below my right ear.

Or perhaps, you would have just noticed the extra kohl in my eyes today. 
And in a closer look, realized, it's smudged.

And then noticed the dried tears on the cheeks...