August 21, 2012


It was ten at night, I was washing the dishes and you were out in the living room watching the television. I could hear a new channel in every 2 minutes. You called out my name. "Ammyyy.."
You were calling out my name since past ten minutes and I had been replying 'coming' to every call.
You shouted again. "Amy!!!"
I got really startled and ran out to the living room only to listen to "At once leave whatever you're doing and come right here!"
I washed my hands, wiped them carelessly with the towel and rushed to you. 
"What happened Tan.."
You didn't let me speak and made me sit beside you. I had a craving beneath to question. But you signalled a no again and held my hands.
Your hands gave the world's warmth to my doing-dishes-at-ten frozen hands. I half-smiled. I was fixed. Perplexed.
You were looking straight into my eyes. I didn't know if you were asking some questions or were demanding some answers. I could SO see those words stuck in your heart. You tried to speak, but choked.
And then you did a thing that gave me a memory for ever.
You chose to kiss.
You chose the silent action over words.
While you cupped my face with both your hands, pushed the strands of my hair falling on my face behind my ears and brought your lips closer to mine, I had already felt your heart racing. I moved my hand closer to touch it. I couldn't get it. I couldn't get what was going on.
I wasn't being kissed for the first time. We were married for over one and a half years now. But this kiss was different - wayy different and special. Emotional. You kissed me gently but deeply. I felt the sadness in your gesture and then, I felt your tears on my cheeks. I wanted to pull back and ask you what was wrong, what was so disturbing but I thought it would be a bad idea. You'd talk when you'd want to. So I let the moment play its role then.
We kissed. We kissed more passionately. The intensity grew and we dug in the moment deeper.
Finally a sigh. Finally a breath out.
You hugged me tight. Hiding your face in me. I could feel your breath on my neck. I caressed you gently, thinking about what the reasons could be.
"Baby!", I whispered. "You okay?"
"Or want some more?"
You chuckled. Finally a smile. I sighed. I ruffled your hair. Your breath was heavy. I gently rubbed your back to calm you down. And suddenly, you shifted and laid your head in my lap and pulled my hand close to your heart and managed to speak, though in broken voice, "Babe, please put me to sleep!"
"Sure love."
And there! You curled up like a 4-year-old on our 3-seater sofa and fell asleep to my fondling within some five minutes.
It was a long day. I wanted to go and change, but I couldn't even think of letting go of your hands. You held them tightly.
So I sat there, looking at that face. One birthmark on your forehead shone on your fair skin. I could see the traces of dried tears on your cheeks. There were some fresh ones on mine.
You slept off, unaware of the turmoil you left me with and I stayed awake, unaware of the turmoil you were going through. 

If this post was a treat for you, I'm sure you'll also enjoy the guy's side of this story portrayed by an awesome blogger friend, Sahil. Do read that amazing post here.


  1. Loved it, really tears ran through my eyes !! #Awesome :))

  2. Beautifully written.. loved it Pri.. very nice :)

    1. This makes me so happy! Thank you so much Jay! :D :))

  3. Im short of words! Beautifully expressed..!!!!

  4. Could I love it more.
    Myself: No! It's the super best you could read.
    Love it. :)

  5. I feel like reading it over and over again..
    Beautiful it is. Loved it,really :))

  6. An incomplete but a complete story in itself..Few moments in life don't need explanation and you have very well shown it in this piece..
    I think the best line was "There were some fresh ones on mine."..Very pretty line..:)

    1. :)) Thank you so much Di! Means a lot! :)

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    1. Hello unknown admirer! Thanks a lot! :D Do lemme know your identity! :)

  8. sum kinda jadoo iz der in ur writngz vhich complez da readr to imagin almst evtng.maza agiyo again...nw to fall short of wrdz to eulogize ur wrkz..
    newyz da bst tng abt ur blogz,a whol story in a preciz mannr nd wid da ryt structr.i guess i told u dat iv neva eva read ne novl jst coz dey r tooooooooo long,bt da condnsd form of ur storiez r jst awsum!!

    1. Abhishek sir!! Thank you sooo much! :D
      And I'm overwhelmed with all the compliments. You just made my day. :)
      Keep reading and keep sending so much love! :D

  9. As I started reading, i could imagine the scene happening, for some reason i had your home in the scene, well fiction did create the magic...:)

    1. :) :) Thank you!
      And now be a regular visitor. I need a candid critic!

  10. This was very very beautiful. And the melancholy kind of beautiful is always the best. That small moment in the couples' life so intricately described. You are a natural at this, Pri. :)

    Loved both versions of the story.

    1. eee! :D *big smiles*
      Thank you so much Tanya! Your words mean a lot. Always. :)

  11. Loved this one...!! And the actions are portrayed beautifully. Was able to visualize it. :)

  12. Piyu ur blogs are worth appreciable u really possess good amount of EQ.......which is a very rare quality....believe me..this is NIKITA SONI.....

    1. Hey Nikita! Such a pleasure to have you read and appreciate my posts.. Thank you so much! :)