October 30, 2013


Our country is a funny one. Actually, people here are funny. 
Everybody will go around calling Manmohan Singh “mute”, “Sonia Gandhi’s puppet”, etc., but when questioned, we won’t even know the reasons why he is where he is or simpler, even his powers. 
When questioned about how Congress is formed, we go blank but we abuse them openly. 
When Sachin Tendulkar played, made records, and won laurels for the country, he was made the God. But we wanted him to retire because he was aging. 
Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the best captain team India could ever have until we lost some series back to back. We think Akshay Kumar is an entertainer, but not an actor. 
It's so easy to question a classmate's or a colleague's character if we know of their drinking/ smoking habits. A friend who has loved and lost or cheated upon or got ditched and that's why has been dating more than a couple of people is easily tagged with various names that I wouldn't want to mention here. 
A boy and a girl sitting in a coffee shop have to be a couple always. Why they being friends or simply cousins are faraway thoughts? 
And if we see any mis-matched couple on a marriage reception stage, we immediately assume, “Love Marriage hogi!” or “Dahej kam dena pada hoga!” or any other silly reasons. 
Sorry, judgments.
What I really want to say by quoting these examples is that we people, judge anything and everything. It seems we have taken the freedom of expression way too seriously. As if, it’s a ritual!
We could go and bag the Nobel Prize for it. (If there will be one such ever.)
We have a habit of giving out our opinions regarding anything, whether asked or not for it. We just want to say because we want to be seen or noticed or considered a part of the group. We won’t ever have valid points to debate but will keep on shouting just for the sake of it.
It is true that we have a real hard time accepting things as and what they are. Be it be anything.

I guess before concluding anything about anyone, one should really not be cynical. 
And we shouldn't bind ourselves to judgmentsAfter all, we hardly know about their journey.

Logon ki aadatien galat ho iska matlab ye nahi ki log bhi galat hote hain..

Issued in public interest. ;)