March 30, 2013

Holding on!

While he was leaving, he stopped at the door, turned around and stepped forward.
We hugged.
I couldn't let go of him for some minutes.
We were talking while in that hug. Talking about how things will change in a matter of some 3-4 years and how we both won't be able to help it. I'll be gone. We could not be meeting. What when we'll need each other at times when we'll be low?
Conversations and messages will reduce. 'Keeping in contact' will fade sooner or later.
Of course, the love will stay. The bond cannot be changed ever. His place in my life cannot be replaced.
He's the best friend I've ever had. That fact is not gonna change.
But, come to think of it practically, everything will change.

I think I thought a million thoughts while being in that five minutes hug. But could share with him only ten of those thoughts.
Yes, the heart was so full that the eyes overflowed.

He sat me down. Tried calming me. I wasn't sad or upset. I had just got emotional.
He told me he had the best thing to cheer me up. And with that he pulled out a paper from his wallet.
A page that comes straight from his diary that we all had filled in when we were in class 9th...
He, since then, has kept that folded page as a souvenir in his wallet. 

That page dates back to 2007. And it still preserves my handwriting in black ink.
There! That guy had the best prick to burst the bubble of my emotions.
I held it for ten seconds. Just scanned it. Didn't have the courage to read it.
Still, the mere feel of that old paper and of that old cherished friendship made me break down..

And he? He was laughing hard looking at me crying like a baby..
I hit him several times and started laughing along.
I was stupidly switching between breaking into tears and breaking into laughter every ten seconds.
I was cursing him for showing me that page, loving him for staying, hitting him for laughing at me and just hugging him for no reason ..

You know,
there are moments in your life when you want the time to pause..
And there are moments when you want to capture a moment and lock it in an air tight jar so that you don't lose them ever..

I still don't know which one I would have opted for this particular moment I shared with him.

Some things are so beautiful that you are just left speechless.

(This story was shortlisted under the category of Flash Fiction for the online writing contest 'Wordweavers' held every year by the University of Mumbai's Department of English Alumni.)


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    1. Han, went through a few of your posts, you should come up with the second part of that unfinished tale soon :)

    2. Let me know your views and thanks for reading! :)
      Yes, working on that only. It'll be there soon. :)

  2. Loved it, As usual :D
    Keep it going :)

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    1. Thanks Chinnu! :D
      And welcome to the blog! Baki saare posts bhi padh kar batana.. :)

  4. cute..n heart touching

  5. Touchd my heart yr..seriously y hv magic in ur writn styl:)

    1. Kar sir, magic toh aapko bhi aata! ;) :D
      Overwhelmed.. Thanks a lot! :)

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    1. Hey Deepika! So good to see you here.. Thanks a lot! :) :)

  7. Aw! This was adorable. *Hugs* *Hugs*
    I find it very hard to give words to such emotions but you did such a beautiful job at it. Love you, Pri. More strength to your pen!

    1. eee :D Tanya, big hugs back to you!
      Thank you! <3 All this coming from a great writer herself, means a lot! :)
      "Strength to my pen.." I couldn't have had a better wish for myself.
      Love you so much! :*

  8. I completely love the way you write! And I adore you! You know that, right?
    And sometimes yes, we want everything to go numb, desperately want to feel everything out of the moment. Though I guess that never can happen!
    Leaving your loved ones, is painful, makes you weak, vulnerable!
    But hey, when people, specially friends, they'll make it anyway possible to stick with you *literally*.
    Because, not every time you need to explain that you need them, they just know.
    No matter how less you talk, when you will need this best friend of yours, he will talk to you for the whole night to make you feel better!

    1. I couldn't have related to your words more! :)
      You mentioned the most wonderful part of having these friends.. They'd always be there without any demands. And we can pick up the conversation with them right from where we left! Such is the beauty! :)

      :D *big smiles* Thank you for so much love, sweetheart!
      Much more back to you. Hugs. :) <3
      Waiting to see you! :D

  9. Mam it was awesome :)
    Apka har blog esa lgta h jese mene vo moment real me ji h:)
    Too good:)

    1. *Mission accomplished* B)
      Hehe XD I'm glad you could connect to it so much! :)
      Thank you for all the tareef! :D

  10. Your this post was awesome..Loved It <3.Waiting for the next one *...* :D

  11. What a way with words..truly :)

    Do drop in to my blog - been in hibernation for a while, but feel free to browse the archives..(because I know you like fictional characters) :P

    Take care..

    1. Thanks a tonne for reaching here and leaving your footprints. It was such a pleasure! :)
      I'll read your blog as soon as my exams get over. Excited! :)

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    2. Hahaha. This made my day! Thanks! :D
      I'm badly stuck between my exams.
      Just four days more, and I promise you a new post. :)
      Till then I hope you enjoy reading the archives..

    3. *taps fingers impatiently*

    4. Though it's too late, keeping the promise. Thank you! :)

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    1. Hello unknown admirer! Thank you so much! :)

  14. Nicely penned :)
    Will keep a check on your upcoming post. All the best :)

    Plus, if you ever get time, then, this is my Blog's address:

    1. Hey Varun! Thank you for stopping by! :)
      I will check out your blog soon.
      Do visit again! :)

  15. Beautiful, Priyanka. Just beautiful. Love the way you end your writings.