November 5, 2011

One Lucky Bitch!

"Okay love, take care of yourself. Have your lunch on time hanh. Byee!", she chuckled while she spoke this and smiled at me.
Before I could get myself back to the present tense, she shot this question directly at me- "So are you gonna ask me a question or should I tell you the further story?"
For a moment, there was utter silence then we laughed. We moved to the kitchen. She made me a steaming cup of coffee. Just the way I like it- strong and foamy. She knows me well, we've been friends over years now. :) 
We sat down in the balcony passage, facing each other.I took a sip and gave her a look. She yelled, "What?"
"How much will you take to start your story of today?"
She giggled. "Okay okay calm down!", and she started with yet another chapter of her love story.

*[BTW, I must say her guy is really cute. ;)]*

"You remember Pri, I had been to my friend Anika's place for a lunch get to-gather this Sunday?"
"Yeah, the one who hated her name and so replaced 't' with 'k'! What about it?"
"Haha yeah the same.. I met Kaustubh there. Anika's friend, Kaustubh. You remember him?"
"Umm..the one with a fair complexion and a li'l short height?"
"Bingo! Haan! So I met him and he greeted me with a hug!"
"Uhhhh.. ohhkkay!"
"C'mon! It was just a friendly hug!"
"Yeah. What is the STORY?"
"Anika started teasing me and later on went over to the extend of telling my guy bout the whole scene!"
"Hahaha.. Poor you! She's crazy!"
"Don't ask me how much!"
"Awww my baby.. What happened then? Did he get mad at you?"
"Mad?" "Well, you need to have some extra patience for the day..I'll take time!"
"Sure re. Tell me in detail."
"Actually I've recorded the whole conversation!"
"Gosh! YOU are one crazy gal!"
She giggled and blushed. She actually turned into all shades of red!
Meanwhile, she meddled through some files in her phone and finally played the recording.
"Hey my lady!"
"Hey sweeeethearrttt!"
"What's my babyyy doing?"
"Nothiinggg muchhh. Was sitting idle." "And what's my baby doing?"
Well, it took me five minutes to digest it.. I was never used to this mushy language. Finally, we reached to the important part.
"He hugged you?? Tell me seriously baby, he hugged you?"
"Like, a side hug or a front hug?"
I so much tried hiding my laughter listening to this. Guys, I tell you! :P
Whereas, she never replied to this. And the speechless reply was an obvious answer to his question.
"WHAT THE HELL!!! How could he hug you? How could you hug him?" "Damn it!!!"
"Baby, I'm reealllyyy sorrrrry.. But he came forward, we were meeting after 4 months and I just couldn't deny!"
"4 Months!!! What do you mean by 4 months??? That means after 8 months, you guys will possibly kiss and after a year, you guys will have a baby? 4 months! Bah!"

For a moment, I went like "What was that?" and the second moment we both broke into hard laughter.
Later on she told me that she had the same reaction. She laughed at this statement of his. Laughed! Laughed on an annoyed boyfriend. I quickly prayed for her! ;)
To my surprise, his guy, listening to her laughter, laughed too! And they both found the whole scene just too adorable. They kept talking about how cute the whole conversation had been.. They repeated dialogues, imitated each other, laughed at the cheesiness of it, blew kisses and said "I love you" a thousand times more.
And all that I was left with was, "Awwwwwwwwwwwww". :D
That was really one adorable fight I've ever known about.

P.S. I wish to add something:
*[BTW, I must say her guy is really cute AND extremely understanding too. :))]*

Aaah! She is one LUCKY BITCH! :D

September 15, 2011


You know you are in a fix when you wake up to the disturbance of your mind.
You also know this while you brush, when there's a thing that hinders your smile constantly.
Fluctuations whole day long drag you to your lowest. They make you feel sick, feeble and weary.
The reason?
The root cause of all the problems-starting from tension, stress, anxiety, instability to finally leading towards depression.
My take on worry is that, it's a short lived feeling. a very short lived feeling actually.
If you fight with it bravely, never giving it much space and importance in your life, it dies out soon.
And hell yes, that works! (It always will.)

But sometimes, it eats you up..gulps you down and even burps! :/
There must have been times when even the greatest of warriors thought of giving up.
I don't intend to say that giving up is a nice or the only option but sometimes, it is a better option.
Rather than 'giving up', let me put it up as 'letting go'.
Sometimes, surrendering yourself to the situation and importantly, to God helps you better.
Some will term it as escapism. But folks, it is not.
It is an attribute of the strong.

August 28, 2011


There she stood in her balcony watching the rain. She was not doing anything, just observing. For the first ten minutes, her palms were holding the parapet wall, touching the water drops falling from the above roof. Then she let herself go. Her hands stretched out to feel the rain. The rain that day was not rain actually, just a drizzly shower. But the wind had that in itself too. And there came a blow that touched her, blew her hair and made me notice her face.
This moment was one perfect moment of my life.
She had just woken up. Her loose and faded green colored laced shorts with many buttons looked just amazing on her. A black tee was just perfect on that green. Her hair was tied up loosely with a clutch-er, and so, most of them was out of it. And she fussed with her hair as the wind played its game. She was bare feet, no earrings too. Simple face, nothing fascinating. But she was beautiful. Moreover, her smudged kohl made her look mysterious.

(Photo credits: Kunal Gupta)

Initially she fussed with her hair, tried clutching it but failed. And then she started enjoying. She loved the feel of her hair caressing her face. And then I saw one of the most beautiful smiles ever.
Big smiles scattered all over. Mine too. She was enjoying herself. It felt as if she was in love. She was blushing, smiling, playing with her hair, with the drizzle. She started humming.
And then talking. I moved closer to my window to listen to what she was speaking and more importantly to whom.

"So in love hanh?" 
"Hehehe Shut up!!"
"You don't need to hide it with your words. It’s all over your face. And eyes." 
"Shhh! Bohot bolne lag gayi hai tu!" and laughter.
I was smiling and wondering who had entered the scene. I could see only her. I thought myself to be stupid but she seemed more. She was talking to herself!
"There's nothing bad about being in love with oneself." 
"Haha yeah! Never it is."
"So what are we wearing today?"
"Something traditional like a suit?"
"How about that green kurti with frills?"
"Oh yes, great! Wear that and you can dance with it like this..."

And she took two circles until she saw me. She froze immediately. 
"Uhh Ohh Hi Pri!" She spoke with a nervous vibe. But her hands swayed as if she collected her frilled kurti back.
"Hey.." said I. She was looking for words. 
"It's okay re. You look beautiful in these shorts too. How about wearing them?" 
Laughter spread!
"What was all about love and stuff?"
"Umm nothing Pri. You know how insane I am."
"Nobody talks insanity to oneself girl."
"Okay, but you have to promise me that this stays between only us."
"Okay, promise!"

And...We chatted for another hour till our Mums came out looking for us.

July 20, 2011

A page from my Diary

July 20, 2009.
Monday, 23:48 hours.

*Exactly two years back.*

Got up at 06:07 hours. As always, a GM msg from Siddharth was waiting for me. The thing I like bout his GM msgs is that he neva forwards any msg. He simply types-
“ Good morning dear! Have a great day ahead.. Keep smiling.. Take care.. Will miss ya.. :)
Ab uth jaa naa yaar.. aur kitna soyegi?? ”
He he!! Love you Sid.
Brushed my teeth and went for a bath playing the song “Jaaney tu Meri Kya hai” from Jaaney Tu Ya Jaaney Na. The Jai’s song sung by Sukhwinder. Awesome song man! I just love it.
Got ready. Wore the big wale gold earrings. In bus, while I was cutting my nails, Saransh was narrating his Sunday tale of World War III at his place! Then the school tales :D
Then after a while Ankit got in. Today he was looking an ‘insaan’.
(*Acc. To his dictionary, looking like an insaan means looking good!) :P
So he was looking insaan today as he had shaved and got his hair short! :P :P
Rishabh had again missed his bus so he came with us.Then his birthday (18th, Saturday) party stories started. Reached school discussing the same. Walked upstairs with the 3 of them.

After a long time chatted with all others before the assembly started. Meanwhile, said a Hi to Priya, Prachi, Nikita and others.Ashu too joined us.
Enter Ishpreet aka Ishu, Manan aka Mannu, Yash aka Shanu!!
(Both Manan and Yash don’t like being called so by anybody else except the name creator. Who else, none other than our Ishu!! ;) :D)

Normal classes started. B.S. lecture was an interesting one as Sir indirectly said a lot of things to teach us a lesson!  In the short break, headed towards staffroom. Harshal Sir gave some work. Talked to Joshi sir, asked him if he was going to show us our a/c answer sheets, the response of the class and the highest marks. No; not good, nor bad; 48.5 came the answers.
Add on to these answers was “Both the Head Girl and Head Boy have not scored well. Indeed very less.” (He pointed at Me and Vishal.)
(I’m elected as the Head Girl for ’09-’10. Got 314/529 votes!! :D)
And so Smita Ma’am and Harshal sir kinda warned me. I explained Harshal Sir that I myself, had not worked hard for this exam. And will take care ahead.
Moved out of the staffroom feeling very disheartened with myself. Ankit saw me and caught it immediately, asked “Kya hua? Chehra kyun utra hua hai?” Told him about the a/c exam and pat came the reply-“Eh! Quarterly exam hi toh hai! Fail hi toh ho rahi hai, koi baat nahi, chalta rehta hai!”
Damn! Exactly this used to be my reply to any hell scholar who had the same worry, till last year when I was in Raphael’s. Now I understand their grief!! :o

In the 8th period, moved down for the Oath Ceremony practice.
Came back home late. Didn’t go to tuition.

Yashvi called up, she wanted Ankita’s no. I wish she had called up because she was missing me. ‘Cuz I was. Badly. Told her bout Shrankhla’s departure tonight as she’s got admitted to IIT Gandhinagar, she was awestruck. She didn’t know and she’s calling her up now. Connected two old friends back again. Great! ;)
Suprabha called up, “Tuition nahi aa rahi hai kya? Sacchi bata bunk toh nahi maar rahi na??” :P lol

Had my dinner, watched TV for a while then sat to study English.
Just then, Ashu msged, “tu bohot matlabi ho gayi hai yaar. Maine tujhe jaate waqt bye kiya toh tune dekha bhi nahi! What u doin?”
Eh! Pagal hai ye bhi! I was practicing so maybe didn’t notice. Kuch bhi.
Called Shrankhla then.
Messaged Disha to come, then chatted with her a while. JB aka Janak Bhaiya is coming down tomorrow. :)
 Now till this quarter passed, I’m with you. Had a talk with Vishal Bhaiya too, half an hour ago. :D :D  Now good night yaar. Too much for today.

Missing some ppl. xoxo

02:14 hours.

July 15, 2011

An Unfamiliar Knock

It was January and I was still just following a profile. It was long, 2 months or so. I was actually following his work.
I wished of dropping a message in appreciation but always resisted the idea. I don’t know why exactly. One reason, I thought, was ego! And another, more appropriate to say the least, I was afraid and hesitant of taking a new step or knocking at a new door.

One fine day, the profile suddenly disappeared.
I searched and searched but it was nowhere to be seen.
My regular schedule just got me too busy to bother about it
until; I saw it in my dream. Twice.
I googled and somehow got in touch. We started exchanging e-mails.
My Gmail inbox suddenly looked so interesting. I also remember times when I opened Gmail before Facebook!
It was fun. Umm... Okay, to be honest it was not fun.
I mean one fine day you sit online, discover an id start exchanging emails, it is strange.  But ‘twas one good strange thing.
Mind you, this generally doesn’t happen in India
But then started the hello hi and then the friendly conversations. It got fun then.
Initially, I was hesitant and afraid. I had loads and loads of questions- How would he be like? Is he truthful? How do I know he’s not lying? What do I say now? What could he mean? Why is he so interested? And blah blah!

But I clung to the idea and to the person.

In no time, we picked up a great friendship. Also, interesting talks; similar thoughts and theories; interests too. :D 
The rest are just details. ;)

All I’ll leave you with is OUR favourite theory-
Destiny is a bitch. an angel.
You all would be nodding in agreement with it being a bitch.
But we discovered that if Destiny can be a bitch, it can be an angel too.
Later on, we discovered that the bitch part is so not true. Destiny IS an angel. It has always been so. It’s just we who have overlooked that it plays hard and takes us through a lot of tests, to get us the best. If it takes something away from us, it’s just because it wants us to pick up something better.
Yes, the old mugged up proverb; “Everything happens for a reason” is true. In fact, everything happens for a good reason.
Our friendship was too, purely a matter of our destinies being too kind to us.
And so friends, the next time you wanna knock at a new door or wanna stretch your hand towards an unfamiliar face or do anything for the first time, pray truly to your destiny and dare to take a step in that direction, and then see it falling in your basket on its own.
Trust me, it happens. :)

 Oh and BTW, “Some surprises in life are worth the wait!” :D

June 9, 2011


Since the childhood, a 'part' -a colorful, joyful and lovely part- of my life has been so close to me as my smile is.
And that day, as we ate from the same plate, that 'part' seemed like my soul mate. We were as two peas in one pod, that pea being just four months elder to me.
We stayed 24x7 together and did every single thing together.

As we grew up, till the last year, I thought we had same thinking/vision/principles/ethics/morals-call it whatever. Ok, I did not think we had the same ones (I know, that would have been stupid!) but at the very least, I never thought it be completely opposite, completely contradicting each other.
Either I have changed towards good or my soul mate has changed for bad.
And I do not hate this fact, I am hurt by this. moved. shaken. depressed. and devastated.
Though trying to accept it and move on, whenever I realize this fact, it sends a shiver down my spine. It was so so so unexpected.

The things what my so-called soul mate does and says would not even be the last things I would do or say on this planet.
Gossiping and finding out every bit about NOT your family, not your friends but about the people whom you just know by name;
Meeting a new person, smiling and talking to him as if you adore him to death and later on backbiting about him to the world;
Or even worse, backbiting about a person every now and then meeting them like you were dying to see them;
Matchmaking!! Uhhh!!;
Mocking every person and everything;
Speaking to elders in a tone and language which doesn't justify YOUR age!;
Cutting words and pulling people down from their highest aura;
Thinking oneself to be the best thing one possibly can, fine but PORTRAYING all others as shallow?!;
And-[Ok, I never wanted to say this but still I couldn't resist it-] Being a complete aunty (if you know what I mean!).

After seeing and going through all this, the best thing that happened to me is-I fell in love with myself all over again. I feel so good about myself. I've started respecting myself and my principles all the more. 
I'm not trying to sing my own song. Just that, when you know that something around you is insanely wrong, you either try to adjust with it, ignore it, fight with it or like me, you believe in yourself and stick to your own values. 

Sometime back,
a friend explained me about vanity. I wasn't convinced completely with his words. But now, if I've people like these around, I think that  
v a n i t y   i s   f a i r.

May 30, 2011


2nd April 2011.
It was an EPIC day in my life and for another prominent reason, in every Indian’s life too!

Yes, the D-day was here. All our inputs since 29th of March had to pay off that day.
It was “Reminiscence”, the Alumni Meet in our college.
And we friends had put up a stall for the public. For the college it was a stall, but for us, it was a challenge and a chance to prove ourselves. It was a business. For most of us, it was our 1st time on field. We were still learning the ropes. And though we talked about being okay with not earning much, but all of us, somewhere in the corner of our hearts, were praying hard to make it BIGG.
Summer had just knocked, so our stall served “Barf ke gole”, 3 aerated drinks and Jaljeera. A lil' mixture of innovation and a snappy stall name- "Thand Rakh" had got us all resolute towards the idea. And to top it all, we had fought with the organisers to let us get a tattoo artist too. :D

On the other hand, it was the final day of World Cup 2011
India had made it till there and no Indian even dreamt of defeat now.
So yeah, it was an important day for ALL of us.
*Hopes were high, nervousness too.*

The time before 2nd went in arranging the raw materials, tasting and finalizing the flavours, fighting each other’s different opinions (I know working with a team is not a bed of roses, but working with 15 classmates, altogether different thoughts AND choices, is definitely a tougher task.) But we did it. And, well! :)
The first drink was a mixture of Fruit Cola and Ice cream Soda. It gained brown color and I still wonder how a friend came up with its name-“Mock Champagne”, but it was perfect!
Second one was Blue Lagoon (Just selected cuz of its colour which supported Team India already and we immediately named it “Bleed Blue”! :D) and third was Ice Cream Soda (Since florescent pink in colour, we wanted to name it “Pink Panther” or “Trip to Paris” initially but at the end, the same friends suggested “Pink Fantasy” and we all had thumbs up for it.) :D

 These drinks were aerated. So for a little change we also included Jaljeera on our cards.
The main attraction that day was tattoo. It was India’s final match against Sri Lanka and everybody wanted tri colours on their skin.
Tattoo guy was a spectacular artist and was too fast with his brush. And a lil’ more to some of our expectations, the tattoo idea was an outrageous hit.

We earned, that much that we nullified our investment money and then gained profits too. :D But, we earned a lot more things.
We were praised, appreciated, admired- and all the adjectives that go with it- not only by our batch mates, but by our seniors, super seniors and teachers. We made friends, came to know more seniors and the vice versa. Networking is important! ;)
The day revived the sparks inside us and the feeling was just W-O-W!!  Full of vigour and confidence, and love, respect and mutual understanding towards each other, we then danced and celebrated. 
The feeling at the end of the day matched to Jay-Z, when once he remarked, “I’m not a businessman.  I’m a business, man!” :P

My teammates. Tattoos on faces and names on sleeves. Excitement amazingly captured. :D
In all, an awesome click!

The tattoo mania:  :D :D 

After a year of our school life, we felt that passion for work and that joy of winning, simply because we had found a purpose. Got me thinking and call it a ‘Happy-Realization’ if you wish so, but actually I realized we’ve become lazy in college just because we don’t have goals (or targets or purpose or directions or even pushy teachers). Goals that make us forget everything-from differences to tiredness, from hunger to the Final match-and make us get our lives in it.
Seems a simple thought, but the planning and then the execution is the real test.

Anyway, sorry for marching to a different drumbeat but this was an important happy realization to share. :)

The dusk reminded us about the Finals and we all rushed to our homes. Yes, WE WON!
What a feeling it was!!! What a moment it was!!!
No adjective can describe it.
Happiness and pride were definitely the prominent ones.
The players on the field had teary eyes too and they ran to hug each other. Later, we saw them carrying Sachin Tendulkar on shoulders.
I too had dedicated this cup to him but after the match ended, I so wished that Mahendra Singh Dhoni should have been carried on shoulders. He was the man behind the victory. Of course, the team too. But a leader creates the base of it.

 We had won the cup after 28 years and have scripted a splendid chapter in the books of history.

Me and my family then rushed to the M.G. Road. 
The scene there was _____ (Can’t find the perfect word, I guess a new one should be created!)
The victory had got the crowd into a frenzy.
People were dancing without even thinking a bit, playing loud music and Dhol, pulling off their shirts, roaring all kind of patriotism slogans, standing on their car roofs, yelling "Vande Mataram" and what not!!!
The best scene was to see anybody hugging anybody! :D :P
Gosh, the energy was outta control n was sooo positive!! :D
Seriously yaar, Cricket unites India like hell!
I too made a smart move and carried the 2nd drink, Bleed Blue’s hand-painted poster and flaunted it with pride on roads. ;) :D

For all the hard work you had put in, for all the matches you won and for conquering the world for a day- Salutes Team India! :)

We really owe that evening’s every joyful bit to the Men in Blue!
And for all the happiness, smiles, tears of joy and vitality you gifted to the Indians, thanks a tonne! :)

These two events- the happening of “Thand Rakh” and winning the World Cup after two decades are so much fresh and crisp still in our memories, that it doesn’t feel like it’s almost been two months to this date. I can still jot down the most minute detail of that day. But that would be too much for this day! :P So let it be.

What I actually want to say is, these two events were such BIG ones and have left such raging feelings and imprints on my mind that these seem to be everlasting and unforgettable.
They have surfaced as nothing, but BIRTHMARKS. 

May 17, 2011

Journey, Nostalgia and Courtesy.

Yeah, home is super boring in a vacation. No college, no friends, no classes, no hang-outs!
And IF you don't join any classes, don't have cousins around, don't have loads of random relatives to collect the family gossip from and have lots of household chores to be done, you are in trouble! ;)
Plus, if your cable and internet bills were not paid by your dad because you were over-using them, you're helpless! :P 

So, I was waiting eagerly for going to Nanaji's place, Karanja. The date arrived and, though, we were going for just 6 days ('coz of my brother's classes), we were all very excited! :D
BTW, I'm writing this from Karanja only.
Karanja is not a happening place at all. No places to visit, no good restaurants and no theaters even! :/ It's a real small town. 
But the things that drag me here are no less- First of all, my family here; calmness of the place; winds; starry nights; our big home (Awesome place to play Hide and Seek! :D) and the garden where we play with mud- first, make cakes out of it, then get dirty and then play with the forceful pipe water!! Aah! This is one of the most amazing times... :D
 More than this, it's my Mum's stories that bring me here. Stories of her childhood, of her playing with her pet cows and buffaloes :o :P, of her washing and cleaning them and then riding them!!, and stories of her farms and fresh vegetables that roar out her nostalgia every time she starts speaking about them!
I admit, I've heard them over a thousand times now, but somewhere, I am so much attached to them that I love listening to them over and over...
And as we entered Karanja, she chuckled like a 5 year old with joy, and stories, and showed us places where she did this and that! 
I silently wondered about the last time I saw her chuckling like this and it reminded me of the day when dad, mum n I were watching TV and a small documentary of a village was going on… And then we saw here repeat her stories and her special smiles again!
We did reach safely. But we had some amusing experiences on our journey. We left Indore by bus for Mhow, from where we had to board our train.
We traveled by a local bus. Actually made Kunal, my bro, travel by it! He so didn't want to and we so stuck to this idea of getting him this experience! :P
Then there were no autorikshaws there so we had to hire a thelawala for carrying the luggage from the depot to the station! Haha, fun again! :D
In train, we had two seats in one compartment and two in another. So, we requested a couple to adjust with our seats so that we all four could be in one compartment. They must be in their late 40s and seemed from a fine family. The lady was such a ruthless and a fussy one. She knew no kind way of talking and was shouting like a maniac. Her husband at least had ears for our problem. She was not ready to listen to a word even. Anyway, dad tried convincing them. But, all went in vain. Alright, you don't want to adjust, ok, but I don't know what made her continuously shout. Dad told them kindly that we are moving to another compartment but she didn't stop. Uhh! For a second, I wanted to laugh! 
We started moving our luggage and the man started abusing!! :O
I understand that they were not interested and comfortable in exchanging seats but I don't understand why the hell he was abusing! We didn't utter a single offensive word and dad was super-duper polite while requesting and also while they said a no and even when the bad language came in the air.. Dad even asked for forgiveness twice or thrice. Uhhhh!!
OMG! Whatever happened to manners? To courtesy?
And to simple display off humanity?
Learnt a bigg lesson, thank you God!

Sometimes, we forget some real common kind gestures. This lil' incidence got me closer to displaying them off in future!

And now, while sitting in the passage and jotting all the feelings down, i feel so light!
BTW, the laptop's battery's gonna crash in a while, it's windy, clouds are signaling rain and I'm being called for the dhoklas! :D

P.S.- You're all welcomed to Karanja and to some dhoklas too! ;)

February 27, 2011

On being good..

This thought strikes me every now and then... So, spilling those beans here..

Good”- We’ve been listening to this word since our childhood.

Completed the food? Good boy!  
Learnt to ride the cycle? Good, good!
Got 10/10? Veryyy good! 
Say namastey. |Namastey uncle! Very good beta!
Came first in the 100 mt race? Gooood! [along with pats! ;)]
Also, we all were so fond of stars and ‘good/very good’ remarks in our note books that we used to crave for them!
All we knew that time was that good meant “You did something nice/Well done.”

Time passed. This good we knew was replaced by ‘cool’.
Got a new jeans? Cool! 
Joined the dance classes? Cool!
Won the debate competition? Cool man! *HI5*
Topped the exams? Cooool buddy!!
LOL ;)
Good then changed its meanings from the old notion. 
Umm.. Rather, I’d say we still didn't know what it actually meant.

In high school, it got a li'l mature and in a funny way, serious.
Wrote a poem? Good yaar..
Solved the math problem before everyone else? You are too good dude!!
In a relationship? Ahaan! good hai ji!! :P

But now, when I think about it deeply, it has changed its meaning and existence completely for me.

Good now, for me, means BEING good. 
Being true. Being kind. Being humane. Being helpful. Spreading smiles. And being selfless.
And nothing more than this gives me true happiness. It satisfies my heart…and my soul. And I've realized it’s one of my purposes of living.
Also, with this, I don’t need to go far for searching for happiness.

Yes sure, there DEFINITELY are some drawbacks of being SELFLESS and GOOD to everyone:
Envy (the biggest demoralizing factor);
People taking undue advantage of you, people taking you for granted, people hating you (All co-related factors);
People wanting to be like you and hating you all the more because they can’t be :D ;
Spoilt relationships; 
And yes, anybody who is good is liked by all and ironically, that’s why hated too!;
jealousy eating up friendships (This thing is heartbreaking as people so close to your heart disappoint you big time. It’s not anger. You are hurt.);
Also, a good and a nice person mostly seems fake and pretentious to all.

But, but, but, the Law of Attraction states that the good attracts all the other good.
And this reason is enough for me to stay selfless and good.  :)

And most importantly guys, it’s time, we understand that personal attack is a below the belt game. 
Let’s be positive, encouraging, nice and GOOD to all.

Trust me, by being so, the very first person who’ll be happier will be YOU. :)

February 18, 2011


While coming back home from the college, the rides are quite interesting every day as my friend Paridhi and I have loads of unusual topics to discuss about and some songs always to sing... :D
We stay together in the college all the time, but I guess there’s something magical in the rides that bring out the “interesting us”!
Yesterday, it was her Birthday. We gave her loads of surprises, had an awesome time and saw her happy as ever... And yesterday’s ride was so joyful! 
And this very line-“Ye life bhi kitni filmy hai!” is her baby! ;)
Maybe it was just out of ecstasy or the excitement, but it made me think. Later at night, I sat down to make a diary entry and started writing more around this line. So, here those lines are-

Ye life bhi kitni filmy hai!
Kabhi hasati hai toh kabhi rulati hai...
Kabhi agle scene ke liye tadpati hai toh kabhi anjaane me hi kuch accha kar jaat hai...

Jhagde ho ya jhagdon ke baad ka action, sab public tak barabar pahuch jaata hai...
Roothna-manana, gale lagana aur fir jaate jaate flying kisses dena...
Romance bhi hai aur hero logon ki bhi kami nahi hai! :P

Dost log aur jigri dost log dono hi hai... Canteen ki masti se long drives tak... 
Dialogues toh ek se ek dete hai... Emotional bhi hote hai aur blackmail bhi karte hai... 
Gaane bhi hai aur ham gaate bhi hai, bhale hi churaye hue kyu na ho! ;)

Mummy aur Papa ka daant aur pyaar, har ‘Aditi’ ka ‘Amit’ jaisa bhai aur har ‘Amit’ ka ‘Aditi’ jaisi behen hona koi itefaaq ki baat thode hi hai...! *(‘Aditi’ and ‘Amit’ from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) :D

Film track par chale toh acche report cards, trophies, medals aur bohot saara pyaar, ashirwaad, duaayein ghar aati hai...
Off track film ho toh flop ho jaati hai aur fir nirasha hoti hai..
(Lekin ham bhul jaate hain ki, flop film log jyada din yaad nahi rakhte..)

Ek pal me khushi, ek pal me aansu,
Ek pal me takraar aur agle me hi khub saara pyaar...
Agar aap samjhte hai ki ye life ka khel hai toh.. Ahanh!
Doston, ye toh upar baithe director ki film hai!! 

:D :D

January 22, 2011


To start off with my first entry I’d tell you why I am here...

The thing that got me to blogging is my passion for words.
I realized this long time back but it took me over a year to create this.
Facebook status updates were one way, but 420 characters are very less.
Especially when you have so much to tell... 
Every time I wrote a status update, Facebook asked me to cut down on the characters. That was such a hard time! 
Somewhere, squeezing the update to 420 characters meant deleting some feelings too!

So here I start my journey with words...
And for me, Boyzone gets it the best-
"It's only words, and words are all I have.. to take your heart away..."