May 17, 2011

Journey, Nostalgia and Courtesy.

Yeah, home is super boring in a vacation. No college, no friends, no classes, no hang-outs!
And IF you don't join any classes, don't have cousins around, don't have loads of random relatives to collect the family gossip from and have lots of household chores to be done, you are in trouble! ;)
Plus, if your cable and internet bills were not paid by your dad because you were over-using them, you're helpless! :P 

So, I was waiting eagerly for going to Nanaji's place, Karanja. The date arrived and, though, we were going for just 6 days ('coz of my brother's classes), we were all very excited! :D
BTW, I'm writing this from Karanja only.
Karanja is not a happening place at all. No places to visit, no good restaurants and no theaters even! :/ It's a real small town. 
But the things that drag me here are no less- First of all, my family here; calmness of the place; winds; starry nights; our big home (Awesome place to play Hide and Seek! :D) and the garden where we play with mud- first, make cakes out of it, then get dirty and then play with the forceful pipe water!! Aah! This is one of the most amazing times... :D
 More than this, it's my Mum's stories that bring me here. Stories of her childhood, of her playing with her pet cows and buffaloes :o :P, of her washing and cleaning them and then riding them!!, and stories of her farms and fresh vegetables that roar out her nostalgia every time she starts speaking about them!
I admit, I've heard them over a thousand times now, but somewhere, I am so much attached to them that I love listening to them over and over...
And as we entered Karanja, she chuckled like a 5 year old with joy, and stories, and showed us places where she did this and that! 
I silently wondered about the last time I saw her chuckling like this and it reminded me of the day when dad, mum n I were watching TV and a small documentary of a village was going on… And then we saw here repeat her stories and her special smiles again!
We did reach safely. But we had some amusing experiences on our journey. We left Indore by bus for Mhow, from where we had to board our train.
We traveled by a local bus. Actually made Kunal, my bro, travel by it! He so didn't want to and we so stuck to this idea of getting him this experience! :P
Then there were no autorikshaws there so we had to hire a thelawala for carrying the luggage from the depot to the station! Haha, fun again! :D
In train, we had two seats in one compartment and two in another. So, we requested a couple to adjust with our seats so that we all four could be in one compartment. They must be in their late 40s and seemed from a fine family. The lady was such a ruthless and a fussy one. She knew no kind way of talking and was shouting like a maniac. Her husband at least had ears for our problem. She was not ready to listen to a word even. Anyway, dad tried convincing them. But, all went in vain. Alright, you don't want to adjust, ok, but I don't know what made her continuously shout. Dad told them kindly that we are moving to another compartment but she didn't stop. Uhh! For a second, I wanted to laugh! 
We started moving our luggage and the man started abusing!! :O
I understand that they were not interested and comfortable in exchanging seats but I don't understand why the hell he was abusing! We didn't utter a single offensive word and dad was super-duper polite while requesting and also while they said a no and even when the bad language came in the air.. Dad even asked for forgiveness twice or thrice. Uhhhh!!
OMG! Whatever happened to manners? To courtesy?
And to simple display off humanity?
Learnt a bigg lesson, thank you God!

Sometimes, we forget some real common kind gestures. This lil' incidence got me closer to displaying them off in future!

And now, while sitting in the passage and jotting all the feelings down, i feel so light!
BTW, the laptop's battery's gonna crash in a while, it's windy, clouds are signaling rain and I'm being called for the dhoklas! :D

P.S.- You're all welcomed to Karanja and to some dhoklas too! ;)


  1. i read it al..wht intrests me da most is...dhoklas :P
    nyc it is, sry 4 da bad xprnce bt it made u cewl agn :)

  2. i always love ur wrting..n dis is also cool..!!BTW njoy ur trip deaa.. :)

  3. seems lyk a whole lot of fun!gr8 yar..enjoy!!

  4. hey... the thing i liked the most is wat u mention d house... a big place to play hide and seek...
    do play it... warna idhar south tukoganj me chupne ki jagah kaha hai!!! :)
    enjoy... :)
    say hi to kunal!! :)

  5. @Sahil: Well, dhokle Indore me bhi mil jaaenge! ;)
    Thanks! :)
    @Manisha: Thanks a lot dear!:) I will..
    @Nishita: :) Thanks, i will..
    @Ravi: He he yeaa :D Sure i will tell him.. :)
    @Kunal: Thank you! :)

  6. water & mud seems to b very interesting ... & raha sawal tere pange ka ... to uncle ne sahi kiya.... thts why we all respect people like ur da & not like that person who used hi vocabulary so well .... ;-)

  7. @ Shashank: Yeaaa.. We have loads of fun playing with it! :D
    Hmmmm..Sahi kaha tune! :))

  8. Replies
    1. :) You're welcome to the dhoklas for always.
      Gujju hone ka fayda no. 12578 :D

    2. This calls for a post listing faydas 1 to 124577.

      Yeh waala bhi add kar dena :P

    3. Hehe. Pakka pakka. :D
      Actually khaane me itna busy ho jaati hun ki likhne ka time hi nahi milta.. :P