February 27, 2011

On being good..

This thought strikes me every now and then... So, spilling those beans here..

Good”- We’ve been listening to this word since our childhood.

Completed the food? Good boy!  
Learnt to ride the cycle? Good, good!
Got 10/10? Veryyy good! 
Say namastey. |Namastey uncle! Very good beta!
Came first in the 100 mt race? Gooood! [along with pats! ;)]
Also, we all were so fond of stars and ‘good/very good’ remarks in our note books that we used to crave for them!
All we knew that time was that good meant “You did something nice/Well done.”

Time passed. This good we knew was replaced by ‘cool’.
Got a new jeans? Cool! 
Joined the dance classes? Cool!
Won the debate competition? Cool man! *HI5*
Topped the exams? Cooool buddy!!
LOL ;)
Good then changed its meanings from the old notion. 
Umm.. Rather, I’d say we still didn't know what it actually meant.

In high school, it got a li'l mature and in a funny way, serious.
Wrote a poem? Good yaar..
Solved the math problem before everyone else? You are too good dude!!
In a relationship? Ahaan! good hai ji!! :P

But now, when I think about it deeply, it has changed its meaning and existence completely for me.

Good now, for me, means BEING good. 
Being true. Being kind. Being humane. Being helpful. Spreading smiles. And being selfless.
And nothing more than this gives me true happiness. It satisfies my heart…and my soul. And I've realized it’s one of my purposes of living.
Also, with this, I don’t need to go far for searching for happiness.

Yes sure, there DEFINITELY are some drawbacks of being SELFLESS and GOOD to everyone:
Envy (the biggest demoralizing factor);
People taking undue advantage of you, people taking you for granted, people hating you (All co-related factors);
People wanting to be like you and hating you all the more because they can’t be :D ;
Spoilt relationships; 
And yes, anybody who is good is liked by all and ironically, that’s why hated too!;
jealousy eating up friendships (This thing is heartbreaking as people so close to your heart disappoint you big time. It’s not anger. You are hurt.);
Also, a good and a nice person mostly seems fake and pretentious to all.

But, but, but, the Law of Attraction states that the good attracts all the other good.
And this reason is enough for me to stay selfless and good.  :)

And most importantly guys, it’s time, we understand that personal attack is a below the belt game. 
Let’s be positive, encouraging, nice and GOOD to all.

Trust me, by being so, the very first person who’ll be happier will be YOU. :)