July 20, 2013

Marine Drive (The flip side.)

[Read the first part, the girl's words - here. 
These words are from the guy of the same story. Co -authored by a very very dear friend.]

You hugged me. The hug seemed like it was all over, like it was the last one that I'd ever get from you. I sensed it was all falling apart. You had started walking away. I gathered all the courage I could and called out your name.
The Marine Drive suddenly got a lot more freezing. Shivering breezes started flowing around, and you froze right at your spot, however, not ready to turn around.
I ran to you, walked close and held on to your hand. 

I couldn't voice the words that the heart yearned to say -"Wait! Don't just walk out on me. Please?"
I just stood there, holding your hand, unable to utter a word still; looking into your eyes in a hope that you'd read mine.

Every day I wake up to your text, that one message which wishes me a Good Morning.
Today, I felt like I was missing something, missing a part of me perhaps.. It was that one message I was missing. Your message.
It felt incomplete. I felt completely lost.

Yesterday, it all just slipped away and I may have lost my control but I couldn't just tell you what I felt. I kept asking myself; whether I was too harsh on you, if I was right to be mad at you and not reply to your continuous texts and calls.
But, I was angry. It was not a petty issue. Maybe it was negligible for you; but for me, it was much more. I still can't just find a way to let you know how much I care for you. I just hope you'll understand. I know that I've hurt you, I shouldn't have over reacted.
But, sweetheart, I am sorry.. I really am!

Even I miss your nonstop chatter. I miss the way you make me listen to your endless random stories. I miss you pause when I react to some of your stories. And, I miss your chuckle at my "Ohh ho!".
Yes, I miss the nonstop texting I had.
I miss us both asking random and, sometimes, stupid questions; but answering all of them.
I miss...well, You.
In a matter of just one day! Amusing, this attachment!

I look at you. Again.. And somehow feel, that I shouldn't leave you on your own, not today..
Perhaps, you just need this cajoling. Maybe, you want me to make you talk.
I feel like if I don't try today, this would just add up to my regrets all the more.
I feel like if I don't make you stay today, I'd be pushing you away a lot more.

I give you a hug and whisper in your ears.
Even a midst all the noise around us — of the vendors, of the traffic, of the people — we both have found our own solace in each other's arms.

I do look up at the sky only to smile at it.
Alas! I am killing my ego, one day at a time.


  1. Replies
    1. He said he's killing his ego for her..
      I guess, better things will happen to them. :)

    2. I can only hope so. You, on the other hand, have the power to play God, as the author. Hai na? :D

    3. Haha that is the best part of writing a story, I guess. :D
      But well, I'll end this one here for now. :)

  2. There is a sweet joy that comes to us through sorrow - Charles Spurgeon.
    you seem to know intrinsically.

    1. :)
      And Lokesh uncle, I am so glad you read this.
      Do read the archives. Waiting for your comments! :)

  3. The way you write makes one imagine the people in your story as real!
    You do wonders with words sweetie! As always..
    Keep it up! :))

    1. Thank you so much Neha! It was pleasant to have you here. Glad you liked this! Keep reading and sending love. :))

  4. You have an amazing thing here going with these 2-part series.
    Loved it. Heartbreak, fights are painful experiences, and I could sense the pain.
    That, to me, is good writing.

  5. But killing your ego is never enough..