July 15, 2011

An Unfamiliar Knock

It was January and I was still just following a profile. It was long, 2 months or so. I was actually following his work.
I wished of dropping a message in appreciation but always resisted the idea. I don’t know why exactly. One reason, I thought, was ego! And another, more appropriate to say the least, I was afraid and hesitant of taking a new step or knocking at a new door.

One fine day, the profile suddenly disappeared.
I searched and searched but it was nowhere to be seen.
My regular schedule just got me too busy to bother about it
until; I saw it in my dream. Twice.
I googled and somehow got in touch. We started exchanging e-mails.
My Gmail inbox suddenly looked so interesting. I also remember times when I opened Gmail before Facebook!
It was fun. Umm... Okay, to be honest it was not fun.
I mean one fine day you sit online, discover an id start exchanging emails, it is strange.  But ‘twas one good strange thing.
Mind you, this generally doesn’t happen in India
But then started the hello hi and then the friendly conversations. It got fun then.
Initially, I was hesitant and afraid. I had loads and loads of questions- How would he be like? Is he truthful? How do I know he’s not lying? What do I say now? What could he mean? Why is he so interested? And blah blah!

But I clung to the idea and to the person.

In no time, we picked up a great friendship. Also, interesting talks; similar thoughts and theories; interests too. :D 
The rest are just details. ;)

All I’ll leave you with is OUR favourite theory-
Destiny is a bitch. an angel.
You all would be nodding in agreement with it being a bitch.
But we discovered that if Destiny can be a bitch, it can be an angel too.
Later on, we discovered that the bitch part is so not true. Destiny IS an angel. It has always been so. It’s just we who have overlooked that it plays hard and takes us through a lot of tests, to get us the best. If it takes something away from us, it’s just because it wants us to pick up something better.
Yes, the old mugged up proverb; “Everything happens for a reason” is true. In fact, everything happens for a good reason.
Our friendship was too, purely a matter of our destinies being too kind to us.
And so friends, the next time you wanna knock at a new door or wanna stretch your hand towards an unfamiliar face or do anything for the first time, pray truly to your destiny and dare to take a step in that direction, and then see it falling in your basket on its own.
Trust me, it happens. :)

 Oh and BTW, “Some surprises in life are worth the wait!” :D


  1. There are somethings in life which we humans never understand by theories {everything happens for a reason}.... but i agree that after some experiences every1 will b on your side ....destiny is an angel ... ;-)

  2. Thanks Shashank for such gr8 words! :)
    I agree to your every word! ;)

  3. this is simply amazing!loved reading every line of it..
    and inspire me to knock on a few doors i have been planning to do so for some time now :)

  4. Thank you soo much Garry! :))
    What else can be better than inspiring few more? ;) :D I'm so glad! :D

  5. luved d end paragraph nd d title too..:D

  6. There's still hope for us after-all. :D
    Great blog, I wonder whether he is reading it. ;)

    1. Oh yes! :D
      Thank you :) And ya, he read it! ;)

  7. I just read this one and i feel like u've written this as a moral story for me!
    cos i'm always hesitant in sendin a word of appreciation to someone whose work i just saw randomly. I guess this will motivate me in getting the guts to go ahead! :)
    Nice work! :)

    1. I'm so glad to hear this! :)
      Thanks a lot :D

  8. “Some surprises in life are worth the wait!”...grt line...grt end