June 9, 2011


Since the childhood, a 'part' -a colorful, joyful and lovely part- of my life has been so close to me as my smile is.
And that day, as we ate from the same plate, that 'part' seemed like my soul mate. We were as two peas in one pod, that pea being just four months elder to me.
We stayed 24x7 together and did every single thing together.

As we grew up, till the last year, I thought we had same thinking/vision/principles/ethics/morals-call it whatever. Ok, I did not think we had the same ones (I know, that would have been stupid!) but at the very least, I never thought it be completely opposite, completely contradicting each other.
Either I have changed towards good or my soul mate has changed for bad.
And I do not hate this fact, I am hurt by this. moved. shaken. depressed. and devastated.
Though trying to accept it and move on, whenever I realize this fact, it sends a shiver down my spine. It was so so so unexpected.

The things what my so-called soul mate does and says would not even be the last things I would do or say on this planet.
Gossiping and finding out every bit about NOT your family, not your friends but about the people whom you just know by name;
Meeting a new person, smiling and talking to him as if you adore him to death and later on backbiting about him to the world;
Or even worse, backbiting about a person every now and then meeting them like you were dying to see them;
Matchmaking!! Uhhh!!;
Mocking every person and everything;
Speaking to elders in a tone and language which doesn't justify YOUR age!;
Cutting words and pulling people down from their highest aura;
Thinking oneself to be the best thing one possibly can, fine but PORTRAYING all others as shallow?!;
And-[Ok, I never wanted to say this but still I couldn't resist it-] Being a complete aunty (if you know what I mean!).

After seeing and going through all this, the best thing that happened to me is-I fell in love with myself all over again. I feel so good about myself. I've started respecting myself and my principles all the more. 
I'm not trying to sing my own song. Just that, when you know that something around you is insanely wrong, you either try to adjust with it, ignore it, fight with it or like me, you believe in yourself and stick to your own values. 

Sometime back,
a friend explained me about vanity. I wasn't convinced completely with his words. But now, if I've people like these around, I think that  
v a n i t y   i s   f a i r.


  1. Lyf'z unpredictbl..n so r human beings..ntng is constant n evtng changes.
    btw i luv da way u end ur blogs hehe

  2. @ Abhishek Sir: So true.. everything is unpredictable and changes..
    Thank you so much! :D

  3. vanity is fair :)
    itz gud 2 knw hw u stand out frm othrs, n wht makes u spcl, since lessons keep coming, keep lrnin :)