August 28, 2011


There she stood in her balcony watching the rain. She was not doing anything, just observing. For the first ten minutes, her palms were holding the parapet wall, touching the water drops falling from the above roof. Then she let herself go. Her hands stretched out to feel the rain. The rain that day was not rain actually, just a drizzly shower. But the wind had that in itself too. And there came a blow that touched her, blew her hair and made me notice her face.
This moment was one perfect moment of my life.
She had just woken up. Her loose and faded green colored laced shorts with many buttons looked just amazing on her. A black tee was just perfect on that green. Her hair was tied up loosely with a clutch-er, and so, most of them was out of it. And she fussed with her hair as the wind played its game. She was bare feet, no earrings too. Simple face, nothing fascinating. But she was beautiful. Moreover, her smudged kohl made her look mysterious.

(Photo credits: Kunal Gupta)

Initially she fussed with her hair, tried clutching it but failed. And then she started enjoying. She loved the feel of her hair caressing her face. And then I saw one of the most beautiful smiles ever.
Big smiles scattered all over. Mine too. She was enjoying herself. It felt as if she was in love. She was blushing, smiling, playing with her hair, with the drizzle. She started humming.
And then talking. I moved closer to my window to listen to what she was speaking and more importantly to whom.

"So in love hanh?" 
"Hehehe Shut up!!"
"You don't need to hide it with your words. It’s all over your face. And eyes." 
"Shhh! Bohot bolne lag gayi hai tu!" and laughter.
I was smiling and wondering who had entered the scene. I could see only her. I thought myself to be stupid but she seemed more. She was talking to herself!
"There's nothing bad about being in love with oneself." 
"Haha yeah! Never it is."
"So what are we wearing today?"
"Something traditional like a suit?"
"How about that green kurti with frills?"
"Oh yes, great! Wear that and you can dance with it like this..."

And she took two circles until she saw me. She froze immediately. 
"Uhh Ohh Hi Pri!" She spoke with a nervous vibe. But her hands swayed as if she collected her frilled kurti back.
"Hey.." said I. She was looking for words. 
"It's okay re. You look beautiful in these shorts too. How about wearing them?" 
Laughter spread!
"What was all about love and stuff?"
"Umm nothing Pri. You know how insane I am."
"Nobody talks insanity to oneself girl."
"Okay, but you have to promise me that this stays between only us."
"Okay, promise!"

And...We chatted for another hour till our Mums came out looking for us.


  1. no doubt the rains make one closer to the feeling of love..or i should emphasize it is platonic love..! the subtle memory of somebody , or the feeling of being close to them. But this girl is really amazing :)
    falling in love with yourself ;)truly remarkable YOU are!(whoever) :)

  2. Wow...........
    I myself was lost back in time wen I used to b the carefree girl doing stuffs like this.........
    Priyanka It seeems u put into words wht I hv felt or gone thru..........

  3. @ Garima: :) :) BTW, 'the' girl is yet to read this!
    @Khushboo: :) :) Thank you dear.
    I'm glad I can share your emotions :)

  4. superb..!! nicely narrated.. :) (y) likes.. :)

  5. Must say, you have a way with writing conversations. You should try your hand at script writing.


    1. :) Thank you for the compliment!

      Aah! I'd love to. Someday surely! :)

    2.'s more of girl power in the screenwriting dept. these days.