September 15, 2011


You know you are in a fix when you wake up to the disturbance of your mind.
You also know this while you brush, when there's a thing that hinders your smile constantly.
Fluctuations whole day long drag you to your lowest. They make you feel sick, feeble and weary.
The reason?
The root cause of all the problems-starting from tension, stress, anxiety, instability to finally leading towards depression.
My take on worry is that, it's a short lived feeling. a very short lived feeling actually.
If you fight with it bravely, never giving it much space and importance in your life, it dies out soon.
And hell yes, that works! (It always will.)

But sometimes, it eats you up..gulps you down and even burps! :/
There must have been times when even the greatest of warriors thought of giving up.
I don't intend to say that giving up is a nice or the only option but sometimes, it is a better option.
Rather than 'giving up', let me put it up as 'letting go'.
Sometimes, surrendering yourself to the situation and importantly, to God helps you better.
Some will term it as escapism. But folks, it is not.
It is an attribute of the strong.