November 5, 2011

One Lucky Bitch!

"Okay love, take care of yourself. Have your lunch on time hanh. Byee!", she chuckled while she spoke this and smiled at me.
Before I could get myself back to the present tense, she shot this question directly at me- "So are you gonna ask me a question or should I tell you the further story?"
For a moment, there was utter silence then we laughed. We moved to the kitchen. She made me a steaming cup of coffee. Just the way I like it- strong and foamy. She knows me well, we've been friends over years now. :) 
We sat down in the balcony passage, facing each other.I took a sip and gave her a look. She yelled, "What?"
"How much will you take to start your story of today?"
She giggled. "Okay okay calm down!", and she started with yet another chapter of her love story.

*[BTW, I must say her guy is really cute. ;)]*

"You remember Pri, I had been to my friend Anika's place for a lunch get to-gather this Sunday?"
"Yeah, the one who hated her name and so replaced 't' with 'k'! What about it?"
"Haha yeah the same.. I met Kaustubh there. Anika's friend, Kaustubh. You remember him?"
"Umm..the one with a fair complexion and a li'l short height?"
"Bingo! Haan! So I met him and he greeted me with a hug!"
"Uhhhh.. ohhkkay!"
"C'mon! It was just a friendly hug!"
"Yeah. What is the STORY?"
"Anika started teasing me and later on went over to the extend of telling my guy bout the whole scene!"
"Hahaha.. Poor you! She's crazy!"
"Don't ask me how much!"
"Awww my baby.. What happened then? Did he get mad at you?"
"Mad?" "Well, you need to have some extra patience for the day..I'll take time!"
"Sure re. Tell me in detail."
"Actually I've recorded the whole conversation!"
"Gosh! YOU are one crazy gal!"
She giggled and blushed. She actually turned into all shades of red!
Meanwhile, she meddled through some files in her phone and finally played the recording.
"Hey my lady!"
"Hey sweeeethearrttt!"
"What's my babyyy doing?"
"Nothiinggg muchhh. Was sitting idle." "And what's my baby doing?"
Well, it took me five minutes to digest it.. I was never used to this mushy language. Finally, we reached to the important part.
"He hugged you?? Tell me seriously baby, he hugged you?"
"Like, a side hug or a front hug?"
I so much tried hiding my laughter listening to this. Guys, I tell you! :P
Whereas, she never replied to this. And the speechless reply was an obvious answer to his question.
"WHAT THE HELL!!! How could he hug you? How could you hug him?" "Damn it!!!"
"Baby, I'm reealllyyy sorrrrry.. But he came forward, we were meeting after 4 months and I just couldn't deny!"
"4 Months!!! What do you mean by 4 months??? That means after 8 months, you guys will possibly kiss and after a year, you guys will have a baby? 4 months! Bah!"

For a moment, I went like "What was that?" and the second moment we both broke into hard laughter.
Later on she told me that she had the same reaction. She laughed at this statement of his. Laughed! Laughed on an annoyed boyfriend. I quickly prayed for her! ;)
To my surprise, his guy, listening to her laughter, laughed too! And they both found the whole scene just too adorable. They kept talking about how cute the whole conversation had been.. They repeated dialogues, imitated each other, laughed at the cheesiness of it, blew kisses and said "I love you" a thousand times more.
And all that I was left with was, "Awwwwwwwwwwwww". :D
That was really one adorable fight I've ever known about.

P.S. I wish to add something:
*[BTW, I must say her guy is really cute AND extremely understanding too. :))]*

Aaah! She is one LUCKY BITCH! :D


  1. Toooo gooood.................................

  2. awww...!! cute..! in the whole story i found my Man and our conversations.. :P lovely..!

    1. Hehe :D Our stories are too similar na? ;)
      Thanks a lot! :*

  3. Hehehe...'side hug or front hug'...