February 1, 2013

Day 1

*The 30 Day Blog Challenge*

I thought a lot but couldn't come up with a good introduction. (Honest!)
So, for now, refer to my blogger profile.
Ten interesting facts:

1. I can tackle any situation except when I am hungry. Hunger makes me cranky.

2. I do not wear heels.

3. I am very particular about my things. Touch them without my permission, and you’ll be taken for a ride to hell. 

4. I absolutely love photographs. My whole life revolves around photographs. I don't remember things that well so I memorize them in pictures.

5. I can talk to anybody and everybody. Yes, if I am standing in a queue, I’ll break the ice and start talking to the person behind me. (The one standing ahead of me is usually never interested. I have no idea why!) I can practically start a conversation within 15 seconds.
Because, I don’t like the awkward silences. I like smiles and importantly, ease and comfort around. So I create it. Simple! And how much ever risky/stupid it sounds and seems, but I don’t hesitate to strike conversations with the co passengers, store owners, waiters and even the sabjiwalas.

6.  When I am alone and tensed and talking to myself aloud, I kind of start singing my sentences! (Okay, don’t laugh please!) 
I sing them in pattern and eventually forget about my problems. It happens subconsciously but I am sure I will draw out one song from that shit someday.

7. I believe in the philosophy that the best things in life come for free. [examples: starry nights, rains, laughter, hugs and kisses, etc.] :)

8. I multitask a lot. I can do a lot of jobs at one time efficiently. I can even talk with two people on different topics, even be angry at one and laugh at a joke with another-together. 

9. I can never give up on the words "Sorry" and "Thank you". Even if the friends get irritated.

10. I love love.

When I am at my best! 
Picture credits: Amol Khade


  1. Yay you wrote, you wrote! I'm sorry, I ditched you. :(
    Okay so I'm going to make this comment a detailed analysis of all the facts you enlisted.

    1. Haha. Hunger makes me cranky as well. Hi5.

    2. I don't wear heels either. Not that I don't like wearing them but given that I'm 5'8'' already, I end up looking like a lamp post if I wear heels. :D

    3. Thanks for the warning.

    4. I totally understand why you love photographs. Are you sure you did not mean to say that you love 'photographers', though? :P

    5. I can vouch for this. You are one of the best conversationalists I know of.

    6. Madam, I haven't heard you sing ever. Next time we talk, remind me to remind you to sing one of you 'personal compositions' for me. FunFunFun!

    7. Couldn't agree more.

    8. That is one superpower I'd like to have. Gimme tuitions?

    9. Ditto. Sometimes it is necessary to say those words.

    10. This made me smile. I love love, too. :)

    You deserve to remain at you best every moment. You are beautiful. Stay beautiful.

    P.S. Complete the challenge. You can do this. Come on, Go Priyanka!

  2. :D Yay! I did! I'm not letting you ditch me. You too start asap.
    1. :D
    2. Oh good Lord! 5'8"? that's like wow! :D
    3. :P
    4. Hahaha :P I can't help stalking them! :D
    5. :) Thank you!
    6. Hahahaha. Never I'm gonna do that! You'll disown me otherwise. :P
    7. :)
    8. Sure, but only if I get to tuition to one of your talents in exchange! ;)
    9. Yes! :)
    10. :)

    Aww thank you so much Tanya!
    and I couldn't have got a better feedback to this post!
    Love you so much.
    Posted Day 2. eee! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Priyanka... Hats off!! I need to learn a lot from you. Awesome blogging... Truly awesome..

    2. :) you're very sweet Aashi! Thank you so much for the compliments.. :))
      Blog on! :D