August 15, 2012

21 Draw-outs

Disclaimer: My very own thoughts concluded after some experiences..
No offense, no cheating and no copying.
Thank you!

 1. Some people's only priority is THEIR convenience.

2. I'm in love with silence. Still love chattering all the time. :D

3. You deserve AND GET the best at the end.  :)

4. Your life. Never explain.

5. Some slaps directly on the face that too, hard, serve us well. Learn.

6. Fancy graphics don't make sales. But words do!

7. When you play a perfectionist in whatever you do, it's a sign of excellence. But when you start looking for perfection in others' jobs, you call for depression in both the lives. Yes, depression is the word.

8. Being good BACKFIRES badly. Like, seriously too badly.

9. Many times, in between all the roller coasters of your life, the person sitting next to you goes on to become your friend, and you happen to hold his hands on the journey back home. :)

10. You're as vulnerable as you decide.

11. Opposite values are complementary to each other. There can't be just heads or just tails or just happiness or just sorrows.

12. Failure in Exams, Failure in Love, and Failure in Career IS NOT EQUAL TO Failure in LIFE. 

13. Nothing would be put in your life if you were not able and strong enough to get through it.

14. If you can't devote your time and energy to workout, say a [capital] no to sweets. ;)

15. The decisions that make us unhappy for a short time but give long term happiness are the best decisions ever.
16. People are super afraid of other people. Be it even the known ones! [sad.]

17. Nobody is ready to leave there comfort zones and explore. [sad-er.]

18. People always expect a negative response first. [saddest] 

19. Nobody can stop you from keeping yourself happy, COME WHAT MAY HAPPEN. 

20. Your [r]Emote control is completely in your hands.

In spite of everything, everybody is actually good at heart. And life is still VERY beautiful!


  1. Loved it, Thumbs up for it !! :D
    I dont know how, but its like the truth which every1 should understand #16 th one !! ;)
    I respect #12
    #3rd is what we all have in present !! :D
    #2nd is what, i am counted in, maybe yea there are things which we cant explain to some-one , but really want to talk to some1 all the time !! :P #Thats_Life !!:)

    1. Hey Harsh!
      Thank you so much for this! :)
      and I so much loved what you said bout the 2nd point. Could totally relate to it! :D

  2. There was a big smile on my face when i read the 2nd point(could totally relate to it!! we're so much alike there!)...which went on to become an ear to ear to smile at the last point!! sometimes..some lessons..we learn only when we experience them the 7,8,10,12,13th,well said dear one..kudos!:)

    1. I know how you must have felt bout the second one.. We both are big chatterboxes! :D
      Thanks a lot sweetheart for the comment! :)

  3. U write wht I feeel every passing day ........... The best one I related to was #2.....<3
    I liked all the other point as welll bt best is #2
    WAiting to read more frm u

    1. I'm so glad.. :D Thanks a lot Khushboo. :))

  4. I can relate to all of the points! These are like everyday lessons life teaches us!
    I particularly loved the 9th one...cos something similar plays very important role in my life!!

    1. :D :) Thank you so much Palaha. And I'm glad to know that 9th one exists in your life. Lucky are such people! :D

    2. This one's my favourite! Simple and to the point. After knowing you for 16 years I can say you summed up most of your thoughts in this little piece, and that too very effectively!
      Keep going! :)

    3. Aww.. Thank you so much Shrankhla! :D
      You know me well to understand my thoughts behind each of the points! :))