December 19, 2013

Day 3

Part of the *The 30 Day blog Challenge*

Day 3 - My favorite TV serials.

I had taken up this challenge long back but dropped it. Now continuing. 
It's gonna be a trip down the memory lane. :)

           1. Rishta.Com
When the Yash Raj Films stepped down into the television industry,they created not one, not two, but a whole bundle of amazing TV series.
Among all those, will always top my list.
The chic, sincere, well organised, workaholic Isha (Shruti Seth) and the hot, witty, flirty, never-ready-for-commitment Rohan (Kavi Shastri) made the perfect bosses of this matrimonial agency,
I personally loved this series for two reasons-
One: The beautiful portraying of Isha and Rohan's different perceptions about the life and situations. Total opposite personalities but, the bond rocked. 
Not to forget, their verbal wrestles were a total hit for me.

Two: The way they showed different Indian men, women, families and rishteys and the whole concept of arranged marriages. Also, varied mindsets and ideologies of Indian people and culture was interestingly put up.
Okayy! Make it three! Because you just cannot miss Kavi Shastri - his hot personality, his witty sense of humor and of course, his accent. Oh and also his smile, his charm, his way with girls, and his .. you see, I can go on and on and on. I still have a bigg crush on him and it will last forever. :P
No kidding! I have downloaded the entire series for him! [Those interested, can contact me! ;)]
    2. Seven
This TV series was an exotic one.
It showed seven ordinary people- Asmin, Haryaksh, Drishika, Mastishk, Varya, Eklavya and Hriday- bestowed with different extra ordinary powers to fight against the evil on earth and solving the Ashvamedh prophesy in connection to Mahabharata. With the help of the nine books that taught them nine new abilities and powers, and their two guardians Shunya and Shlok, they defeat the villain Asht and return back to their normal life after Shlok deletes their memory.
The symbiosis of mystery, mythology, puzzles, modern characters and philosophy was enough for a prolonged contemplation! I loved it.

          3. Mahi Way

Who on earth can't relate to Mahi's character? If you have seen this serial, I am sure, at some point, even you felt that it was your heart speaking up in Mahi's voice. Whether it was her battle at office with her boss Ramona or her colleagues Sona & Mona; or her love/crush/relationship issues with Ishaan and Shiv- it all seemed so real. There were things that you could totally relate too. Her relationship with her high-on-pride sister, her younger brother, her parents and her friends Sid and Roshni were just, like picked up from our lives. The best parts were with no doubt her in-her-head conversations. Just like her, we all think that way.. But never admit it in public or even to ourselves with pride.

4. Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai
Reading the name itself brings a huge smile to our faces. Do I even need to say more about this show? :D
I'll just leave this with a treasure - you can have a ROFL while again watching the entire series here. Absolute gold. You can thank me later! ;)

       5. The Disney Hour

This list will be incomplete without this one. The Disney Hour with Vishal Malhotra. Aired on Sony Channel in the late 90's, this show was one of those serials we all grew up watching. Cartoons like Duck Tales, Chip n' Dales, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Talespin, Timon and Pumbaa, Little Mermaid, Alladin, 101 Dalmatians, Hercules, Mickey Mouse, etc. fascinated me so much. And then Vishal used to read out letters from viewers and distribute Disney goodies. Aah! Good old days and fond memories! :D 


  1. Hah! and you are full of surprises. Hope you continue on the 30 day challenge you might take 300 days to complete it though but, it's worth reading what comes from your pen on variety of topics!
    Although I must say your taste in TV Series is a bit different.
    And wait-what? I have an achievement here. I commented first !

    1. Hahahaha I know, I know I am very late. :P
      But well had to post this. Was lying half written in my drafts since long.
      The taste is very diff, I agree because I am not a huge fan of your fav FRIENDS or HIMYM (supposedly) :P

      And aah! Here's the award- Thanks for the first comment! :P

  2. Have you watched True Detective?