November 23, 2013

Talk to the hand.

I have no huge story of how we became friends.
It was the first semester of our graduation. August 2010.
After one of the last lecture of one of the initial days of August, while we were moving out of our class, I noticed he was walking right behind me. I made up my mind, just turned around and said,
"Hi! I am Priyanka."
"Hi! Sahil."
We shook hands and started talking on the way to the parking. From that day, we haven't stopped ever!
We talk and blabber and debate and argue and bore each other till death. Because mutual pakana is important!
We can talk about anything and everything under the sun. And have conversations that only we both can understand while sitting in a group. (Yes! I know, I know that's rude. But nobody else seems to understand what we are talking about. :P)
We make the best team for projects, assignments. Probably because, hamare nakhre sirf ham dono hi jhel sakte hain. Baki koi toh hamare naam ki supari de dega. :P 

As he keeps saying this all the time!

He has to make fun of everything I do.
Three years of graduation have made me realize that this guy is just impossible!
I just keep praying to God for these two more years of post graduation now. :P

Yes, I have a million and ten complains with this guy. 
[Please start coming for movies on time!]
But then again, those are written on a never ending scroll, neatly rolled and dumped in the sea because it doesn't matter. For I know, he'll be there always.
We all have that one person whom we call stupid names, abuse in their face, 
keep bickering with all the time but adore them to death. 
I guess, best friends are like that!

So this one's for you, bitch! Today when you turn.. what 47? I wish you all the happiness of the world.

Stay awesome! Happy Birthday! :D

Oh and he, also, is a blogger (His Blog). :)


  1. The first meet, haha the scene is so fresh. Indeed we never stopped, there is so much to make fun of :P
    Thank you so much again. A blog post...from bade writers...registered :D

    1. Hahaha hao :P
      Aah! Tu kabhi nahi badlega!

  2. Every drop seems precious, hope this ripple create a wave over which you guys can flow forever..
    pretty good story telling but I got lost in between, in a way that's good.. coz u wrote, "nobody else seems to understand what we are talking about", so hell yeah!! lol
    Happy Belated Birthday Sahil... N that collage is superb!

    1. Hehe Thanks a lot Sonu! :D
      Collage ki tareef ke liye shukriya!
      Bohot mehnat lagi.. :P Hi5! :)

  3. Straight from the heart. Nice way of describing friendship and wishing a dear one.