September 21, 2012

Godammit! Writeee!!

Yes, this is what my instinct has been shouting out to me since some days.
Nor that I don't want to write or I'm running away from it but I just don't know why I am not writing.
Maybe laziness. Maybe lack of time. Oh wait! I have a lot of time. But then don't know what.
I sit and keep thinking. Keep thinking bout different perceptions of a single event or about a person or a happening. I find it all so interesting. And whenever I do, I (like a boss) make a mental note of blogging it. But, *sigh*

I love writing. It is a beautiful thing. It's the best way of expression. And it makes me feel light. And it's beautifully quoted by Mason Cooley-
"There are different rules for reading, for thinking, and for talking. Writing blends all three of them."

So here I am, to put up this poster for myself and remind myself that I need to stop framing my thoughts every time just in my mind and for goodness, write them down. Here, on my blog or in my diary.
Or at least save it in the notes of my phone? Hmmm. :)

Exactly what my writing must be saying to me! :P


  1. Hahaha! At least you realise,and then now you're working on it.
    Sometimes,your mind,I guess,needs a break from the usual things,writing,is a habit again. So it is. :)
    And do keep writing,I love it. :*

    1. Haha :D You'll see a new post sooon. :D
      Thanks for the lovee <3

  2. :D

    Writing is therapeutic and now your note has made it many other thing as well. Haha.

    I, for one, write to chase the everyday demons away.

    1. :D Yeah :P

      Writing and it's perceptions.
      One writes, having a very private reason for it.
      The other reads, making his own stories.
      Every written thought has it's own version of interpretations by the readers.I love the feel of this whole idea.

      Damn! See. I can write pretty well.
      I need to write. Moreeee.


      And your demons really fear your writing. Keep them away. Write. ;)

  3. You've got to be kidding me! :O
    Seriously? I just wrote something similar!

    1. I just read it. And was awestruck!

      Yeah, we'll write more. :D

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    1. Hey, registered there. Thank you for the invite! :)

  5. I have been going through the similar condition. I have so many thoughts, prancing around in my head, about various topics but the writing part is being procrastinated lately. Maybe because, 1. I'm lazy, 2. The thing you said about thinking, and 3. I'm not having time. Well, I do have a lot of time, but mostly it is spent in reading. There is hell lot of stuff to read..!! I know this may sound weird but this is what I'm facing.

    PS: That quote and the poster was amazing. That went in my notebook. :D

    PPS: My condition is best described in John Green's words- "My thoughts are like stars which I can't fathom into constellation."
    ;) :P

    1. All the three reasons fit into my frame perfectly too! :P
      Except for the reading part. But I can understand it. Not weird at all. :)

      Yes? Thanks! I love that picture too! And I loved this quote! :D
      Keep reading! :)

  6. ROFL..that's a novel way. (Err..pun wasn't intended. Promise.)