May 23, 2012


My brother told me about an online contest that required a story framed within 55 words on a different theme every day. I tried with the theme 'Space/Spaces'. With themes 'Name' and 'Fear', I started enjoying it completely! 
For somebody like me who is so fond of writing in detail, it came as a surprise that I could start a story, introduce characters, do the climax and end it- all in just 55 words! :D
Here are a few of them on different themes. I'd love to have your feedback.

Theme- Name

I opened my diary and read a name. I realized I had a call to make, a mistake to mend and a relationship to rekindle. I dialed with hesitation. "Hello! R-R-Radhika?"
A hefty voice retorted, "She's in the kitchen at the moment; may I know who this is?"
Before he could ask me my name, I held up!


Theme- Airport

Lots of love, lots of fights. But gradually, only the fights remained. He decided to call it off. Li’l did he expect her to come running to stop him and then he’d call off boarding the flight.
And she did! But only, to bid him the last goodbye. She had actually called it off!


Theme- Alien

He talked of stuff that nobody else did. Behaved alien to people around him. Cynical, sarcastic and uncaring every time.  
Flip side:
He imagined like nobody else did. Dreamt of different dreams. Hid his emotions. Productive, mystique and smart every time.
Either way, I was right! This planet definitely didn’t create people like him.


Theme - Seduction


He had been following her from the door to the kitchen, to the balcony and finally to the bedroom. He was pinned to the wall. She was unbuttoning his shirt. Her long nails ran on his bare chest. Then came the love bite and he concluded that she was a goddess and her actions, pure seduction.


Theme - Night


Books. Photocopied notes. Studying.
Random pages. Print-outs. Projects.

Continuous SMS exchange. Mushy talks. Flirting.
FB. Profiles. Stalking.

Mind-boggling thoughts. Unlimited dreams. Fears and Hopes.
Pen. Diary. Feelings.
Maggi. Coffee. Chips.

Long talks. Frenzy feelings.  Glee.
Expectations. Wait. Tears.

The things which night starts it all and the things which end on the same.


Theme- Fear

Relationships broke. Things crashed. Grades degraded. Health deteriorated. Friends complained. Parents were worried. Every possible thing was going wrong in his life.
But he wasn’t afraid. One thing helped him survive. His belief in “Everything’s gonna be fine soon”.  Ironically, this li’l phrase turning out to be untrue was the only fear he lived with.

Theme- Relationships

She had brought her home as compensation to her dream of having a real cat as a pet. She used to sit and play with “Minnie” and tell her stories. Strange, but she herself doesn't know when she developed such connection with that li’l toy that it became a friend to talk to! 


Theme -Space 

11:38am: She checked her phone again and furiously kept it back. Half in sleep, half in anticipation, she had seen 8:24am on the watch ages back. She raged with frustration. It was the third consecutive morning and one of the many such mornings from the past. Perhaps, space was building in its space.


Theme - Catalyst


I had accepted the fact that I flunked a class but I wanted to prove everybody that I wasn’t a failure! So, I did score the next year then- 1st rank, topped the Commerce section and went on becoming the Head Girl at school. Strangely enough, but failure acted as a catalyst in my success story.


Theme - Dreams


Dreams are fictional. They can or cannot happen. You need not find any logic in them. Still, sometimes, you don't believe on your dreams. You think WTH! Or from where did you dream of this or how can this happen even if in a dream!
One such was living the life of a Navi on Pandora.



Theme - Letters


She held a letter in her hands. The scent of an old paper, some fond memories and that writing reminded her of herself back when she wrote letters to friends, to sisters and to her boyfriend. She still writes to them. But on Facebook or on Twitter.
Gone are the days of letters, she sighed!




  1. Loved it sis, especially the "catalyst" then the "Relationships", follwed by "Night" n last but not thr least " seduction" #Awesome thoughts !! :)

    1. Wow! Special mentions..That was some feedback! Thanks a lot Harsh! :D :)

  2. Space is just the truth!:) and 'the Airport' follows it in meaning :P
    you have so awesomely written this! i could actually relate to most of them :)
    FB. Profiles. Stalking.(hehe) do you do that? :P

    1. Thank you so much for all the compliments Garry! :D <3
      :) :)

      And bout profile stalking and all.. well, who knows it better than you! ;)

  3. awesome one !!!
    55 words are really short to express yourself.. but you have done a brilliant job out of it !!!
    Letters, alien and fear top my list !!! :))

    1. :D Thank you soo much!! :D Alien is my hot fav too! :))

  4. Finally :P
    i dont need to mention how beautifully all stories are written..but u do need to know that with 55 words..and so deep meaning conveyed.. u do know a way with words. :) And especially because each story starts with something everyone faces..but ends with something so different, yet so similar.. kinda unpredictable and that always leaves a smile on our face with each end :D

    1. Palahaaaa! eee :D :D
      You can probably understand this glee of seeing such a huge feedback. ;)
      Thank you soo much for all the appreciation! :D
      'something so different, yet so similar..' :)))

  5. Here comez another part of da seriez of masterpieces by 1 of da greatest writers of IIPS-Priyanka Da Brownie GaL :):D
    I waz actually absorbd in all da storiez,Night n catalyst superlykz :) n yeah even seduction!
    U got technical brilliance wen it comz to writn NETNG!Infact ur an ingenious writr..lukn frwd fr mor such mstrpcz nd do inform me as soon as u post ur nxt blog..:)
    Keep writn

    1. Abhishek sir!!
      I'm flattered! Thank you sooo much for all the words.. :D
      Thanks for the special mentions and for the compliments. Double the brownie now! ;)
      Surely will inform you.. This is pure encouragement. Thanks again! :))

  6. seeing your photograph today in TOI ,waking you from deep sleep, talking to you I thought of three years back ,you had been to our house "u mentioned your interest in english literature" .You have done it our CHILD.

    1. *dancing* :D :D
      It was so amazing to talk to you today..
      You don't know how much this means to me, uncle!
      Thank you for all your support and wishes.. :)))

  7. Baap many. And so good! You won, I'm sure..?

    1. I am awestruck with the creativity people put in 55 words. There were amazing stories. Mine were nowhere close to those.
      But, thanks a lot! :)

  8. Wow preet u r to gud at writing yar i loved it keep it up n dnt stop it..